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    11-Year-Old Creates Law to Help the Hungry

    Because of a state law, Florida restaurants were wasting thousands of pounds of food that could otherwise be donated to hungry and homeless people. But that's about to change -- thanks to the work of 11-year-old Jack Davis. More »

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    The Body Positive: Helping Women Find their Beauty

    When Connie Sobczack's older sister died after years of struggling with bulemia, Connie took action to prevent other women from meeting the same tragic fate by forming The Body Positive, which promotes body acceptance at all sizes. More »

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    Puppies Get a Brand-New Ride

    Most dogs go crazy for the chance to ride along in the backseat of a car. But not too many end up with their very own sets of wheels. More »

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    Around the Web: The World’s Cutest Animals

    We’ve rounded up some of the most aww-inspiring collections of adorable animals around – have a look. Your next desktop photo is just a click away. More »

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    Feral Cats Get Jobs with Cops

    Most people don't want feral cats hanging around. But thanks to a new program, some cats in Los Angeles are getting a second chance with a job at a local police station. More »

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    Connie, the Wonder Dog

    When Hazel Carter developed arthritis, she taught her dog to help out around the house. Now, the amazing Newfoundland can do laundry, run errands, and even clean the house. More »

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    The Katrina Krewe: The Woman Who Cleaned Up New Orleans’ Mess

    When Hurricane Katrina blew New Orleans apart, local mother Becky Zaheri formed a group called Katrina Krewe to clean up the mess. More »

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    Want to Get Happier? Join a Group

    Gretchen Rubin shares tips on happiness from her blog, the Happiness Project. More »

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    A Hilton We Don’t Hate

    We've seen enough of Paris to last a lifetime -- but the famous heiress' grandfather, Barron Hilton, is redeeming the family name by pledging his fortune to charity. More »

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    Woman Helps Autistic Children Celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

    For years, Jewish autistic children have been shut out of important religious rituals like bar and bat mitzvahs. But now, a woman named Elaine Hall has formed a group to give them the celebrations they deserve. More »

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    Ask a Business Expert

    Readers consult with career expert Penelope Trunk for tips on balancing work and life. More »

  • ColumnsGuest Author, Janine Adams

    Ask an Organization Expert

    Professional organizer Janine Adams answers reader questions on keeping things in place. More »

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    Seven-Year-Old Survivor Cooks to Cure Cancer

    Seven-year-old Jack Witherspoon isn't old enough to use a knife -- but that didn't stop the leukemia patient from cooking up a storm, raising thousands for a children's cancer center. More »

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    Reading, Writing, and Rocking Out: Little Kids Rock

    These days, plenty of school children around the United States are filling up their free periods with jamming guitar solos, pounding drums, and Axl-caliber wailing, thanks to a nonprofit organization by the name of Little Kids Rock. More »

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    Two Dogs Save Toddler from Drowning

    In Queensland, Australia, a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier recently joined forces to save the life of a drowning toddler. More »