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    Family-Friendly TV Shows for the Holidays

    For most people, Thanksgiving means football. But if you don't care about the game, what can you do instead? Try out one of these family-friendly TV box sets. More »

  • ColumnsGuest Author, Roberta Packard

    Life Is All About Attitude

    How do you keep life's misfortunes from getting you down? Some tips from one woman's experience. More »

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    Nine-Year-Old Milly Bell Writes Book to Help Grieving Children

    Losing a parent can be heartbreaking for a young child. But nine-year-old Milly Bell has written a book to make the loss a little easier for grieving children like herself. More »

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    CaringBridge: Helping Patients Find Hope

    Spending time in a hospital can be a miserable and isolating experience. But thanks to the free web service, CaringBridge, patients can raise their spirits and stay in contact with the people that care about them. More »

  • ColumnsGuest Author, Sophie London

    Is the News as Scary as We Think?

    Is the news really as terrifying as people make it out to be? One woman's take. More »

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    Brain Freeze Solved: The Answers to Kids’ Most Perplexing Questions

    When Wendell Jamieson's son started asking him all kinds of bizarre questions, he found experts from astronomers to etiquette guides to provide the answers in extreme detail. Here are a few of our favorite facts. More »

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    Liquid Gold Millionaires: Jill Youse and the International Breast Milk Project

    When Jill Youse, a mother from Minnesota, discovered that she could donate her extra breast milk to African orphans, she made it her mission to get other nursing mothers to chip in, too. Now, her organization, the International Breast Milk Project helps mothers like her save children's lives. More »

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    Is Your Dog Psychic?

    Dogs may not be great at the “What card am I holding?” game – but according to a new study, they can usually tell what people are thinking. Especially when it has to do with their dinner. More »

  • ColumnsGuest Author, CJ Lee

    Do You Have Alzheimer’s?

    How to recognize the signs of Alzheimer's disease. More »

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    Mind Games That Make You Feel Good

    These days, you don't need to be a ten-year-old boy to play videogames. Research has proven that a variety of games can boost intelligence, reduce stress, and improve overall happiness. Here are a few mind games you're sure to enjoy. More »

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    Child Soldier Turned Rap Star: Emmanuel Jal

    Emmanuel Jal fought as a child soldier in Sudan at the age of nine and survived a 3-month trek across the African desert. Today, he's one of Africa's biggest rap stars -- and he's working hard to make sure that other children in Africa don't share his painful experiences. More »

  • ColumnsGuest Author, Huma Rashid

    Deep Breathing for Better Health

    Do you know the proper way to breathe? Find out now! More »

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    Comics Aren’t Just for Kids: Five Great Graphic Novels

    Even if you're all grown up, there's no shame in reading books with pictures anymore. In today's bookstores, you'll find a rich array of unique graphic novels that deal with far more sophisticated themes than space mutants and superheroes. These are a few of our favorites. More »

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    Could Panties Be the Key to Peace?

    Women all over the planet have found a unique tool to protest the brutal military regime in Myanmar. Their secret weapon? Underwear. More »

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    Operation Silly String Can Save Soldiers’ Lives

    Even though you probably haven't played with Silly String since the third grade, it's not just for kids. This spray foam can alert soldiers to dangerous trip wires -- and thanks to one dedicated mother, a huge shipment of Silly String could save thousands of lives in Iraq. More »