Introducing the New Gimundo: A Site for Budget-Friendly Family Travel

Welcome to Gimundo's relaunch, focusing on making travel fun and affordable for families with kids.

Gimundo is back, with a new focus.

For more than 10 years, this site served as an outlet for “good news” focused stories, and we’ve connected with so many amazing people and discovered so many fascinating stories along the way. We loved sharing these stories, and hope you loved them too. (You’re welcome to browse them in the archives.)

We’ve now decided to embark on new direction for the site, focused around one of our personal passions: budget-friendly travel with children. While a new website design will be coming soon, we're kicking off our new content right now.

Jeff, an Australian, and I, an American, met backpacking around Europe in 2003, in a youth hostel in Lyon, France. We fell in love stumbling through the streets of Rome and Venice, sharing scoops of gelato and getting lost among the canals. We’ve since settled in the States, founded a content marketing agency, and are raising two young children together—but through it all, we’ve still made travel a huge priority in our lives.

We want our children to experience the joys of travel from a young age, and have plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with their international relatives. We want them to gain a sense of other cultures, other habits, and other languages, to help them gain compassion and understanding towards people from different backgrounds. But—like many families—cost is a concern when traveling internationally, and we don’t want to raid our retirement funds for airfare and hotels.

It’s a dilemma, but it’s one we’ve been working to solve with each trip we’ve taken, and we’ve encountered plenty of other families who’ve found travel hacks to save costs on domestic and international travel too. These techniques often also allow us to explore regions in a more authentic and richer way.

On the new Gimundo (mundo is Spanish for world), we’ll feature stories, travel tips, and Q&As featuring a wide cross-section of traveling families, with kids ranging from babies to teens. Some travel for just a few weeks or months of the year, while others have completely eliminated the idea of a home base. We’re interested in exploring the stories of people who’ve found ways to fulfill their travel bug while still holding down a 9-5 office job, those who’ve jumped off the grid altogether, and everyone in between.

Authenticity is important to us too. We know there’s always more to the story than the perfectly posed family photo of your brood dipping their toes into a lake that you just shared on Facebook. We know there are times when your kid just won’t stop screaming for five hours straight on a red-eye flight no matter how many gummy worms you give him. We’ve totally been there, and we and our team of contributors will offer whatever insight and feedback we can to guide you through to the other side.

Five-star luxury travel’s not our bag, but we’re interested in learning and writing about all kinds of travel options within reach for many families—including camping, home exchanges, pet sitting, WWOOFing, RVing, extended AirBNBing, round-the-world sailing, and more. We’ll solicit stories from families with fascinating travel outlooks and experiences, and compile reviews of top travel tips, products, tours, and itineraries for various regions. And we’ll provide insights from families on how to continue earning income as you travel, through a location-independent business or passive income streams. We want to help make travel accessible to families everywhere, and will do our best to showcase what’s worked for us and other traveling families.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. We’re excited to travel together!

Kathryn and Jeff Hawkins

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