An Update on Gimundo

Yes, we're still around. Here's what's happening at Gimundo!

Dear Gimundo readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Good news, served daily”—a little too optimistic, huh?

Sorry for the radio silence on our end. We’ve been busy launching our content marketing business, raising an amazing daughter (she’s 3-and-a-half now, for those of you who’ve been reading us a while!), and dealing with the general bustle of life. We’ve also been thinking about where we want to go with Gimundo—we love everything we’ve done with it in the past, but feel like it’s time to shift focus a bit, so we decided to slow things down until we’d worked out a path. (Yes, a little too slow, we know—you don’t have to tell us.)

Now, we’re working on a much needed site overhaul, and we’re working to slowly ramp the content back up. For now, we’re going to switch everyone to a once a week newsletter—because we don’t have a significant budget for content, we’d rather take the time to do one or two great pieces each week than to rush to put out a new story each day.

As we evolve, we’d love your feedback. Please post in the site comments about what you’d like to see on Gimundo in the future!

Kathryn and Jeff Hawkins

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