Thank You, Readers!

Thanks for making our comeback so much fun! Here's a small sampling of the comments we've received.

Thank you, readers!

We’ve been back for a week now, squeezing in time to work on Gimundo late at night, after finishing our day jobs and dealing with life’s usual chaos. We’ve had a few glitches, as you might expect, and we’re still working on restoring our huge archive of stories and videos to the website and tweaking some features. But that’s okay—we always knew it would be a challenge to bring the site back to life. And we already know it’s worth it, thanks to all of you.

Since relaunching the newsletter last week, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of supportive email from readers, welcoming us back to their inboxes and lives. Here’s a small sampling of the kind words we’ve received:

You were sincerely missed, the joy you bring to my mail box is in sharp contrast to what is going on in the world.  How refreshing to be greeted with your newsletter, thank you so much for all your effort, and the happiness you bring.

I am delighted to see you back in my mailbox again. Everyone relishes good news and glimpses of the world the way we all know it should be.

I always looked forward to reading my good news stories of the day first thing in the morning to start my day off on the right note. I was very happy to see you are back; the website was certainly missed and you’re correct, we need good news now more than ever! The media seems to harp on all the doom and gloom and that is just not a good way to live!

Thanks for coming back. I am a resident in Brisbane Australia. Did so enjoy your positive stories. I have always believed that for every bad news story there are ten good ones out there which do not get reported and which could tell of something wonderful happening.

Gimundo is like an oasis in a vast desert of so-called “reality.”  Reality is what’s perceived through our Filter System (liken to a car’s windshield made up of our individualized beliefs, agreements, and perceptions). So I’m glad that Gimundo helps to keep my “windshield” clean of spattered bugs and dirt and help me look at all the countless miracles in life. 

To those who’ve written in, passed our newsletter along to friends and family, or simply read our stories, thank you for making our days so much brighter. We hope to return the favor.


Kathryn and Jeff Hawkins

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