10 Can’t-Miss Short Films

You won't see these short films in the theater, but they're some of our favorite videos.

Short films rarely get the respect they deserve. You won’t find a ten-minute flick at your local movie theater, and even Netflix may not deliver what you’re looking for. And it’s a pity, because sometimes a movie that’s ten minutes or less can be far more powerful than a traditional film.

Fortunately, many short films are available online for free—you just need to know where to find them. These ten shorts feature an incredible variety: some are animated, some aren’t; some are English-language and some are foreign; and while some are created by professional filmmakers, others are made by pure amateurs. Either way, we love them all. Hope you do too!

Get Out

This CGI-animated French film is weird and trippy, but just when you think it can’t get any stranger, it all makes sense in the end. We won’t spoil it for you—take a look for yourself, and then visit the film’s website and check out the “making of” video.


OK, at just over 16 minutes, this one’s a little on the long side, comparatively speaking—but this wonderful love story is worth every moment of your time. It’s a true delight to watch this short movie about a man who makes everyone—except for one sad girl—happy. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll want to pass it on to everyone you know. (If the star looks familiar to you, he’s TJ Thyne from Bones.)

Papierkrieg (Paper War)

You don’t need to speak the language to understand this great German film about the power of a child’s imagination. It’s sure to bring you back to your own childhood flights of fancy.

Papierkrieg from Makaio Tisu on Vimeo.

Les Dangereux

What happens when a ninja on vacation falls in love? This whirlwind, action-packed CGI animation provides a humorous glimpse at romance, ninja-style.

Les Dangereux from Daniel Klug on Vimeo.

Second Wind

This odd but lovely animated film features an old man, a soccer ball, and a giant cat. Take a look—you’ll be glad you did.

Second Wind from Ian Worrel on Vimeo.


This lovely short film from Spain features a young boy who wants to become a superhero for Christmas. Stay tuned for the fantastic animated ending credits.

short film /  SPIDERBOY / Ignacio Estaregui from ignacio ESTAREGUI on Vimeo.

Maggie and Mildred

Here’s a truly unique form of animation, created with hand-stitched images, that tells the story of two fun-loving girls with a lovely twist.

Maggie and Mildred from Holly Klein on Vimeo.


Whether you’ve got a kid who can’t stand chemistry class, or you simply need a little brushing up on the Table of Elements yourself, here’s a fantastic animated short that makes science fun.

Oxygen from Christopher Hendryx on Vimeo.

Sign Language

This British indie short will bring a smile to your face when you see the sweet ending.

Small Pleasures
There are so many things that we all take for granted. This film will help remind you of all that you have.


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