5 Famous Films Recreated with Lego Animation

Legos are America's favorite toy. Check out five incredible videos using Legos to reenact famous movies and pop culture icons.

Sure, Barbie was fun to dress up, Matchbox cars were a blast to race, and the Furbee could make some pretty bizarre noises. But what’s the greatest toy from your childhood? According to a recent survey of 3,000 people aged between 20 and 40, the answer is clear: Legos.

It must be the versatility of these stackable blocks. You could build skyscrapers, or cottages, or even giant robots, and recreate your favorite film with the Lego Star Wars, Toy Story, and Harry Potter sets.

The results also show that timeless toys are the best ones: no matter how many Tickle Me Elmos, X Boxes, or Nintendo Wiis may come along, the toys that children will look back on fondly are the ones that will last them through the years. That’s definitely the case for Legos: in fact, you may even still have your childhood set today.

Check out some cool recreations of famous videos featuring the classic toy.


Star Wars

World Cup


Lego Pac Man - The Movie
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Lego Spongebob


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