Amazing Videos of Animal Odd Couples

This video round-up will introduce you to a dog and an elephant best friend duo and some other unusual matches.

By Allison Ford for Divine Caroline

I’m warning you—if you start scouring the Internet for videos of cute animals, you can easily disappear into a black hole of adorableness and waste the rest of your day. Or your week. Such is the incredible, irresistible power of cute videos of cute animals being, well, cute.

Most powerful of all are videos of animal duos and interspecies pairs that have become fast friends. Watch out: viewing these clips may cause shortness of breath, unmitigated squealing, tears of joy, and the uncontrollable urge to say, “Awwww!”

Leopard and Tiger Fall in Love

Biology may frown on this pair of star-crossed lovers, but watching them nuzzle and groom each other feels so right, who cares if it’s wrong?

With a Little Help from My Friends

 “Dude, can you give me a ride?” Everyone’s heard that from a friend at some point. This baby boar is a generous and accommodating pal to a baby monkey, but hopefully he’s at least getting gas money.

An Elephant Never Forgets a Friend

Proving that friendship comes in all sizes, elephant Tarra and dog Bella rarely leave each other’s sight. Anyone who can watch Tarra caress Bella’s belly with her trunk without shedding a tear must have a heart of stone.

Not Fighting, Just Snuggling

Just like in the plot of a Disney film, sometimes sworn enemies can become the best of friends.

A Polar Bear Hug

Who’s got the better life—the polar bears who live at this refuge in the Canadian Arctic, or the local huskies who get to cuddle with them? We think it’s a draw.

Orang You Glad We’re Friends?

If you’re an orangutan who’s best friends with a dog, how do you spend your time? Swimming, doing somersaults, taking walks, napping, riding elephants … you know, the usual.

Can’t we all just get along? These dynamic zoological duos prove that if animals can put aside their differences and forge uncommon friendships, surely there’s hope for humans, too.

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