Boy with Cancer Becomes Superhero “Electron Boy,” Saves Seattle

13-year-old Erik Martin has liver cancer, and he asked the Make a Wish Foundation for one wish: to become a superhero. Last week, hundreds of people helped him in his mission.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation is accustomed to granting wishes like helping children meet their favorite celebrities or spend a day at Disney World. But when they received a request from Erik Martin, a 13-year-old boy from Seattle with liver cancer, they must have been thrown for a loop.

His wish? To become a superhero.

Though the request was an unusual one, the Foundation was up for the challenge. And on April 29th, they made his dream come true.

For Erik, the day started with a phone call from his idol, Spiderman. It seemed that the legendary superhero needed Erik’s help: two villains, Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy, had imprisoned Seattle’s soccer team, the Sounders, in a locker room at Qwest Field. It was up to Erik—aka Electron Boy—to set them free.

Immediately, Electron Boy sprung into action, suiting up in his costume, and hopping into a DeLorean with his trusty assistant, Moonshine Maid. 20 police officers on motorcycles accompanied the crime-fighting team to the field.

As soon as he arrived, Electron Boy could hear the team calling for help, and quickly freed them with his trusty lightning rod. The team and a crowd of fans cheered for his heroic deed—but soon, it was time for his next mission.

The stadium’s Jumbotron turned on, and a sinister voice began to blare through the speakers. It was Dr. Dark, and he had some bad news: “We are here to take over Seattle and make it dark!” he said.

Electron Boy and his entourage drove across Seattle into Bellevue, where he freed an electric company worker who’d been trapped in his truck by the villains.

Next, it was off to the Space Needle, where Electron Boy had received word that people were trapped in the elevator. Before he could enter the Space Needle, he had to confront Dr. Dark himself. It was no big deal for Electron Boy—he simply froze his nemesis with his lightning rod, before unlocking the elevator and setting the passengers free. Dozens of fans had gathered to see the commotion, and they let out a loud cheer for Electron Boy’s work.

In thanks for his good deeds, a City Councilwoman presented Electron Boy with a key to the city of Seattle, and told him that from then on, April 29th would be Electron Boy Day.

One of the young superhero’s biggest fans was Erik’s mother, Judy Martin. “He hasn’t had this much energy in a long time,” she told the Seattle Times. “They called it the power of the wish, and they’re right.”

And how did Erik himself feel about the chance to be a superhero? “This is the best day of my life,” he said.

Check out the video of Electron Boy’s escapades here.

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