Boy with Leukemia Covers Treatment Costs by Selling “Aidan’s Monsters”

A boy named Aidan has covered his medical treatment costs by selling hand-drawn monsters on Etsy.

In September, a five-year-old boy named Aidan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His parents didn’t have health insurance that would cover all his costs—and they knew the chemotherapy treatments that could save his life would get expensive quickly. They were willing to make whatever sacrifices were necessary to help their child—but it looked like his cancer could cost them their family home.

But Aidan’s father Wylie had a bright idea: Aidan loved to draw monsters, and had hundreds of brightly colored sketches in a sketchpad. Instead of letting them sit there, why not sell Aidan’s artwork to help pay for his cancer treatment?

The family decided to set up a shop on Etsy called Aidan’s Monsters, hoping that friends and strangers alike might take enough of an interest in the young boy’s artwork to purchase a drawing or two. The online shop was a smash success—and, six weeks later, Wylie reported that, thanks to the purchases and donations to Aidan’s Monsters, they had been able to cover all of their son’s medical bills to date. Their home was safe.

Aidan still loves to draw monsters, though, and since his family doesn’t know how many more medical treatments he’ll need, they’re still selling his paintings as a way to save towards future medical bills. Want to help? Check out Aidan’s Monsters on Etsy.

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