“Dr. Elvis” Claudio Palma Gives CPR at Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon

A woman who fainted during a half-marathon received CPR from a doctor dressed as Elvis.

Imagine waking up after a fainting spell to find Elvis giving you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

That’s what happened on Sunday for a woman who’d been participating in Las Vegas’ Rock ‘n Roll half-marathon, in which the runners dress in costume. After passing out mid-race, she awoke to find Claudio Palma, an anesthesiologist in an Elvis suit, performing CPR and breathing into her mouth to revive her.

She was, in the words of the King, “all shook up” to see Elvis lying on top of her, but luckily, thanks to Palma’s quick assistance, she made a quick recovery.

It was a big day for Palma: In addition to helping his fellow runner, he made another pit stop during the race – this one to marry his new wife, Rhanee, at a run-through chapel set up at the Race’s second mile. We’re guessing their honeymoon reservations are at the Heartbreak Hotel.

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