Dutch Kids Ride Bicycle-Bus to School

In the Netherlands, some kids are riding a huge tandem bicycle to school.

The Dutch are big on bicycling: In fact, nearly half of all travel within the Netherlands is by bike. Now, one Dutch bicycle designer, Thomas Tolkamp of Tolkamp Metaalspecials, has taken the country’s obsession to the next logical step by building a cycling school bus.

The big yellow bike has eight sets of pedals for kids, a driver seat (for a lone grown-up), and three extra seats, comfortably seating 11 kids for their journey to and from school. The bike even includes a motor, which can help with steep hills or at times when few cyclists are on board.

So far, Tolkamp tells Fast Company, he’s sold 25 school-bikes, at a sticker price of $25,000 each—substantially less than it would cost to purchase a traditional schoolbus with the same number of seats. Along with the traditional yellow, the buses are available in an entire rainbow of colors.

Tolkamp says he’s exported similar bikes to neighboring bike-crazy countries such as Belgium and Germany, but so far, the school bus bike hasn’t been sold in the United States.

Could the concept catch on in bike-friendly cities like Portland, Oregon? Time will tell—but if the U.S. does latch on to this innovative transportation model, it could do a world of good towards promoting exercise from a young age and reducing the obesity crisis.

Check out the Fast Company interview for more details.

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