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Five Incredible True Love Stories for Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, we've rounded up five of our favorite true love stories we've published on Gimundo. They're bound to melt even the iciest of hearts.


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In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite true love stories we’ve published on Gimundo. Check them out - they’re bound to melt even the iciest of hearts.

Couple Torn Apart By War Reunited Decades Later
This true love story is one of the greatest we’ve heard.

Coral Rock Castle: The House that Heartbreak Built
After getting dumped at the altar, Ed Leedskalnin devoted the rest of his life to building a giant rock monument for his lost love. The weirdest part? He built it with no assistance, even though many of the rocks weigh 30 tons.

Man Proposes to Girlfriend in Video Game
Bernie Peng knew his girlfriend loved video games - so he rigged up a special proposal she was sure to say yes to.

Couple Married for 75 Years Pass Away on the Same Day
The wedding vows say “til death do us part.” But that wasn’t good enough for J.C. and Josie Cox.

Couple Celebrates 50 Years of Once-Forbidden Love
While most young couples held hands on the streets, Laurence and Lena Nelson were forced to hide their relationship. In an era of segregation and blatant racism, it was a dangerous time for an interracial couple to be in love. But for Laurence and Lena, it was worth the risk.

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