History Teachers’ YouTube Videos Turn World Events into Music

Two history teachers from Hawaii are making learning fun with history-themed music videos based on popular songs.

Have you forgotten most of your high school history? Rather than return to those dusty old textbooks, how about a music video?

Two history teachers from Honolulu, Hawaii are on a mission to make history fun. They’ve launched a YouTube channel with their own history-focused versions of popular songs, telling stories of the Black Death, the French Revolution, Anne Boleyn, and dozens of other historical people and events, set to the tunes of Lady Gaga, The Zombies, Gwen Stefani, and other popular performers (they seem to have a penchant for 80s music in particular). And if you can’t quite understand all the fact-filled lyrics, don’t worry—there are subtitles, too.

True, the videos may not cover all the intricacies of Queen Elizabeth’s reign or Homer’s Odyssey in the space of three minutes, but the videos will certainly help create an appetite for knowledge in history students of any age. Check out a few of our favorite videos below, and see the entire collection on the Historyteachers YouTube channel.


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