Lady the Golden Retriever Waits with Deceased Owner for a Week

After her owner Parley Nichols passed away, an incredibly loyal Golden retriever dog named Lady refused to leave his side for a full week.

Remember the story of Hachiko, the Akita from Japan who waited at the train station for his owner every day, even long after his companion had passed away? Well, there’s a modern-day equivalent of this intensely loyal pet: a Golden retriever named Lady.

Lady was the constant companion of Parley Nichols, an 81-year-old man from Hartville, Ohio. After Nichols adopted Lady as a puppy, she went everywhere with him for six full years. Even when Nichols developed dementia and began to lose his memory, he never left his beloved dog behind.

After Nichols went missing on April 8th, no one was able to find Lady, either. Family, friends, and police officers spent a week searching for the pair. Finally, on April 14th, someone alerted a neighbor to a promising sign: a dog had been barking in a field just outside of town. It took some searching, but eventually, they found Lady, along with the body of Nichols, who had died of heart failure.

“Lady was standing by his side protecting him,” Nichols’ son Terry told “We are sure that she never left my dad for seven days, staying alive by drinking water from the creek.”

Lady didn’t want to leave her master’s side, but Nichols’ family members pulled her away from the tragic scene. Since then, Nichols’ relatives have taken her in as their own, and she is responding in kind.

“Lady seems fine now ... she is a friendly, happy dog,” Terry said. “I don’t know if she misses my dad, but she is responding well to the rest of us. She did the right thing for dad, and we will always be comforted by that.”

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