Living Philanthropic: How Microphilanthropists Like Carlos Garcia Can Change the World

Carlos Garcia is one of the new microphilanthropists, donating small amounts of money to charity every day.

Could you quit your Starbucks habit and stick with free coffee from your office? If so, you could save five or 10 dollars a day. That may not make a huge difference to you, but it could create incredible potential for those less fortunate.

Carlos Garcia, a Chicago blogger, decided to give up his coffee habit nearly a year ago, and to spend the money doing good instead. He’s created a blog called Living Philanthropic, where he catalogs what he’s donated to a different charity every day. The amounts aren’t large—sometimes it’s $5, sometimes it’s $10, but he does it daily, nonetheless. Altogether, he’s donated over $2,500.

And his contributions are inspiring others to give what they can, too: People following Garcia’s blog have donated an additional $3,400.

“You don’t have to be rich and famous to make a little bit of good in your community, and that good will have a ripple effect,” he told MSNBC.

Check out Garcia’s blog and make a donation on his behalf to the National Lung Cancer Partnership.

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