Married Twins Give Birth to Twin Sons

After meeting at an annual festival for twins, two twin brothers married a pair of twin sisters. Now, one of those couples has given birth to twin sons.

Winning thousands of dollars at a Las Vegas casino may be against the odds - but for two sets of twins from Texas, such an uncommon prospect is simply par for the course in their statistically stunning lives.

In 1998, Diane and Darlene Nettmeier, a set of identical twins, met and fell in love with two brothers, Craig and Mark Sanders - also identical twins. The twin sets of lovebirds married in a group ceremony after their Vegas windfall a decade ago. Upon returning home to Texas, the two pairs of newlyweds built two identical houses, side by side, to accommodate their growing families. And three years later, Craig and Diane gave birth to - you guessed it - a set of identical twins, Colby and Brady, now seven years old. The odds of such a phenomenon are about a million-to-one.

This year, the whole family’s celebrating their sameness at the Twin Days festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, where the Nettmeier sisters first laid eyes upon their future husbands. The Sanders boys are probably still a bit young to decide upon their future brides, but we’ve got a feeling they’ll probably find them here on a future trip with the family. And as for their kids? We’d put money on triplets.

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