Matt Green Quits Job to Walk America from Coast to Coast

Matt Green, a New York City civil engineer, quit his job to walk cross-country to Oregon, while blogging about it on

Matt Green, a 30-year-old man from New York City, is taking a long walk. And we do mean long.

In late March, Green departed from Rockaway Beach, New York, pushing along a tent, food, and other basic necessities in a converted jogging stroller. Since then, he’s been walking close to 30 miles a day, with another Rockaway Beach as his final destination—all the way across the country off the coast of Oregon. The 3,000 mile trip would take just six hours by plane. But on foot, it will probably take Green somewhere around six months.

So why do it? For Green, it’s simply his love of walking. He was a civil engineer in New York City, but several years ago, he began using his time off to lead groups of people on long walking tours through the city. The more tours he gave, the more he began to love the simple act of walking.

“There’s nothing separating you from your environment,” Green writes on his website. “You notice things that go completely undetected by people zooming by in cars. It’s such a rich experience: you can see, hear, and smell everything around you, and even touch and taste things if you feel like it.”

Soon, Green got hungry for more—and decided to quit his job and walk across the country.

“Each day I’ll wake up, pack all my possessions back in my cart, and walk a little farther,” he writes. “That’s it. That’s the extent of my world. I’m just walkin’.

“I think everyone dreams about such a simple existence from time to time, when the worries and pressures of modern life start to accumulate. This is my chance to live that dream for a while, and see how the reality compares to the fantasy.

Matt’s keeping track of his progress, and adding new photos from his walk to his Flickr feed every day. Find out where he is at his website,

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