Mugging Attempt Gets Thwarted by Real-Life Ninjas

A group of ninja fighters from Sydney, Australia's Ninja Senshi Ryu scared off some would-be muggers.

The medical student sitting on his own seemed like an easy target for three muggers on a train in Sydney, Australia. They asked him to hand over his wallet, but he refused. When he got off the train, they followed him, and, as he went down an alley, they tripped him and began to kick him.

But the mugging victim had picked just the right spot to lead his attackers. They’d assaulted him just outside of Ninja Senshi Ryu, Sydney’s school for ninja warriors. As it happened, a group of ninjas were training right then, and were more than happy to use their fighting skills to help a stranger out.

The school’s leader, Kaylan Soto, and four of his students raced out of the building to confront the attackers, clad in the traditional black ninja uniforms.

When the muggers saw what was going on, they weren’t willing to stick around for a fight.

‘‘You should have seen their faces when they saw us in ninja gear coming towards them,’” Soto told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Even though the muggers managed to slip away, police have since made arrests in relation to the crime. And the ninjas are back in training, ready to be of service whenever they’re needed again.

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