New Non-Melting Chocolate Bars Are 90 Percent Lower Calorie Than Normal

The Swiss chocolate company Callebaut has invented a non-melting, low-calorie chocolate bar: in other words, the perfect treat.

It’s tough not to salivate over chocolate cheesecakes, flourless chocolate tortes, and decadent chocolate lava cakes when you go out for a meal. Such mocha concoctions are sure to be delicious, but considering that a single slice of chocolate cheesecake can often fulfill your entire calorie quota for the entire day, it’s probably wise to pass it up.

Calories aren’t your only concern when it comes to chocolate: how many times have you unwrapped a tasty chocolate bar only to discover that the chocolate has melted all over the wrapper after just a few minutes in the sun? Sure, it still tastes good, but it’s tough to eat it without looking like a messy two-year-old—not a great look when you’re headed to a business meeting, or any other time time, really.

But now, the premium Swiss chocolate company Callebaut claims to have solved both of these chocolate conundrums with the invention of a brand new confection known as the Vulcano.

What’s so special about the product? According to founder Barry Callebaut, the new bar is completely melt-resistant to hot weather: it’s able to withstand temperatures up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit without getting sloppy. Even better, the new chocolate, which will be available in both bar and cookie form, will contain up to 90 percent less calories than a typical piece of chocolate.

It sounds revolutionary, but the question, of course, is the taste. Is there any possibility that a Vulcano chocolate could compare to the luscious flavor of your favorite Lindt bar? Callebaut claims that it can—and, if the company’s right, they may have struck (black) gold.

“It’s nice and chocolatey, with a strong aroma, and crispy rather than creamy,” a Callebaut spokesperson, Gaby Tschofen, told The Guardian. “It does melt in the mouth, but it is the enzymes in saliva rather than the heat of the tongue that causes it to dissolve.”

Sadly, the Vulcano bar is still in testing stages, but it should be appearing on grocery store shelves in about two years. We’ve got a feeling we’d better line up now to buy the new chocolates—if they’re as amazing as they seem, chocoholics the world over will pillage the stock within seconds.

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