Retiree Tom West Builds 33-Ton Sailboat in His Indiana Yard

Retiree Tom West has decided to build his very own schooner to set sail around the world.

Tom West has never set sail on the ocean in his 71 years on Earth—but he’s always dreamed of spending his golden years aboard a boat, traveling to exotic destinations.

He isn’t content to hop on someone else’s yacht, though. West has always been the DIY type—so when he decided to travel the world by sea, he knew he wanted to build his very own boat in his yard in Poland, Indiana.

“When I was in my 60s, my wife and I went to Hawaii and I did a lot of loafing and playing tennis and saw a lot of boats and started looking on the Internet for plans on building one,” he told AOL News.

This boat is no lightweight: the 33-ton schooner is constructed primarily from steel, and includes four different power sources. Inside, there’s living room for 12, with two bathrooms, a large kitchen, a lounge, and a technology center.

If West’s building schedule goes according to plan, the boat that he’s been working on for two years will be sea-worthy next spring—though the destination’s still in question.

“I have several places in mind,” he said. “I don’t like to make plans that much in advance, but I’d like to go to Greece, China or Italy, maybe the Amazon or the Galapagos—a lot of islands.”

Check out this video of West’s story.

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