Seven Incredible Wedding Proposal Videos

From video game hacks to fake movie trailers, here are some of the most creative wedding proposals in the world -- caught on video.

Have you ever popped the question? Or maybe you were the one who got the big surprise? Marriage proposals (at least the ones with happy endings) are always amazing – but the proposers in these six videos came up with ways to make the special event even more memorable. From a video game hack to a fake movie proposal, how could anyone say no?

Nintendo Hacker Proposal
A gamer named Matt hacks a classic Nintendo video game to create an on-screen wedding proposal. Check out the game, along with his girlfriend’s real-time reaction.

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Movie Theater Ad

A man created a fake iPhone ad to play in a movie preview as a proposal to his girlfriend. Check out the wonderful result!

Flash Mob Marriage Proposal in the Park

A guy creates a huge flash mob dance party to propose to his girlfriend.

Surprise Movie Trailer

This man’s girlfriend thought she was just going to see a movie – but the trailer looked surprisingly familiar.

Scrubs Proposal

The cast of Scrubs gives a crew member a hand in creating an adorable proposal.

Top Gun Proposal
A cadet proposes to a surprise rendition of “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling.”

Crowdsourced Proposal

A fan of tech blog Gizmodo (similar name, we know, but no relation) wanted a fun and unique way to propose to his girlfriend – so he went to the site for help. He invited fellow readers to film themselves proposing, and the Gizmodo staff mashed up the footage into one bizarre but touching proposal video. Check it out on their site.


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