Seven Long-Lost Dr. Seuss Stories to Be Published

Seven rare Dr. Seuss stories have recently been rediscovered, and will soon be published in a new book.

For all of us who’ve long since memorized the words to Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, and The Lorax, there’s a new reason to celebrate the wonders of Dr. Seuss, AKA Theodore Geisel: Seven rare Seuss stories have just resurfaced and are about to be published in book form.

Dr. Seuss’ art director, Cathy Goldsmith, was searching for her late boss’ name on eBay a decade ago when she came across a listing for 1950s magazines that claimed to include Seuss stories. Goldsmith was extremely familiar with the author’s repertoire, but she had never heard of the stories. She immediately made an offer.

Instead of waiting to receive the magazines in the mail, Goldsmith traveled to the house of the seller, Massachusetts dentist Charles Cohen. Cohen was a Seuss obsessive, with a house full of Seuss books and toys. “Not only that, Dr Cohen was a fount of Seuss information, history, and theories about Ted’s artistic process,” Kate Klimo, a Random house publisher who made the trip with Goldsmith, told the Guardian. Klimo was so impressed with Cohen’s Suess cred that she contracted with him to write a book about the renowned author.

And now, the stories that Cohen discovered will finally be released for all to enjoy. The compilation, called The Bippolo Seed, will be released in September.  “These stories were published during what could arguably be called Dr Seuss’s most fertile creative period, a time that would yield both Cat in the Hat and Grinch, a time when his theories about how to reach children through rhyme, rhythm, and a resonant combination of nonsense and sagacity, were coming into full bloom,” said Klimo.

Not sure whether you’ll find something in the new book to compare to your beloved favorites? Try it, try it, and you may. Try it and you may, I say.

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