Tornado Survivor Judy Pugh Reunites with Lost Cat On Camera

While discussing her missing cat with a reporter, a tornado survivor named Judy Pugh spotted the cat standing by the wreckage of her house.

On April 27th, a twister swept through the town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, killing more than 200 people in the region and damaging thousands of homes. Judy Pugh, a woman from Tuscaloosa, was one of the many residents whose homes were destroyed by the tornado. A wall fell down on top of her, but she made it through the ordeal virtually unscathed.

Two of her three cats made it through the storm with her, but the third one, Cadie, had gone missing.

A month after the tornado, Pugh was standing by the wreckage of her house, discussing the natural disaster on-camera with a reporter, when suddenly, she received a surprise visitor: her long-lost cat, Cadie. Cadie had survived the past month without any access to food or water for that entire time.

Immediately, Pugh rushed to pick the cat up in her arms, and gave her the cuddles she’d been missing. “Mama’s been looking all over for you,” she cooed. “I have everything I want now.”

Since the reunion, Cadie has been seen by a vet, who says that he will make a full recovery.

Check out the amazing video below.


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