“Walking Mother” Chen Yurong Walks 2,000km to Save Son’s Life

In order to give part of her liver to her dying son, Chen Yurong committed to walking 10 kilometers every day.

It can be difficult to stick with a daily fitness regime. But what if the life of someone you loved depended on it?

Chen Yurong, a 55-year-old woman from China, received some bad news 18 years ago: her only son, Ye Haibin, had developed liver disease. He managed to cope with the disease until recently, but in 2008, he was told that if he didn’t receive a liver transplant soon, he would die.

Chen decided that she would donate part of her own liver to save her boy’s life. But when she went to the doctor for a physical, she was given bad news.

“We discovered she had a fatty liver, which is not ideal for a transplant operation,” Chen’s doctor, Chen Xiaoping, told CRI.

In order for her liver to be suitable for donating, Chen would have to go on a strict health and fitness regime. So after she received the news, she began taking 10-kilometer (6.2 mile) walks every single day—over 2,000km in total.

After seven straight months of walking, Chen’s doctor told her that her liver was now healthy enough for a donation. The operation went off without a hitch, and Chen’s son is now healthy, for the first time in many years.

For Chen, there had never been any question that she would do whatever it took to help her child. “When I was walking, I always had the feeling my body was upside down,” she said. “Sometimes I had to pause for a short while. Some people told me to give up, but I knew I must continue. If I stopped, my liver would not be healthy and my son would not get cured. I only have one son and I’ll do anything to save his life no matter how hard.”

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