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    Aquaduct: The Water-Cleaning Bike

    Check out this wonderful innovative solution to the problem of dirty water in developing countries: a bike that filters the water while you ride. More »

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    Digital Adventures in Chicago

    A beautiful digital exploration of a summer day in Chicago. More »

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    The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

    Although Michael Jackson was a controversial figure, it's impossible to deny his amazing talent. Enjoy this early clip of the young King of Pop performing with his brothers in the Jackson 5. More »

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    Incredible Sand Art

    Check out this beautiful changing artwork of life under the sea, created in sand. More »

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    An Amazing Dog Cake

    This incredible puppy cake is almost too cute to eat! Watch how it was made in this fantastic 4-minute clip. More »

  • Man free falling


    Whether this is your greatest fantasy or worst nightmare, this guy makes it look like so much fun! More »

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    A Stunning Street Performance

    What do you get with a group of monks, music, flaming torches, and Segways? A unique and beautiful street performance. More »

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    An Acrobatic Dog

    This dog's skill with a ball could rival any soccer player's. More »

  • one man band

    An Incredible One-Man Band

    This Croatian street performer doesn't need any back-up—his set up would rival the entire E Street Band. More »

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    The World’s Most Complicated Pool Trick Shot

    Somehow, we're not too convinced this is regulation—but it's pretty incredible to watch, nonetheless. More »

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    Pixar’s ‘Partly Cloudy’

    We love this new twist on the old "stork delivers the baby" story from Pixar. The full movie is no longer available online, but here's a fantastic 30-second clip! More »

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    Dr. Evil Baby Laugh

    You won't believe the maniacal laugh that comes from this adorable baby! More »

  • The Tree

    A lovely little animated clip about the birth and growth of a tree. More »

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    AJ the Amazing Parrot

    This little parrot can play golf and basketball. Can your dog do that? More »

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    This super-cool animated video shows what music would look like played with a giant contraption that spits balls at all the instruments. Sound weird? Just watch! More »