• video teaser

    Extreme Grocery Shopping

    Ever tried turning grocery shopping into a basketball game? We wouldn't recommend trying this at your local shop, but it sure is fun to watch! More »

  • video teaser

    Rock of Inspiration

    From our friend Daryn Kagan, here's a great video story about a man who paints a giant mural on a rock every year to honor military veterans for Memorial Day. More »

  • Dominoes Made of Dominoes

    This incredible display of 30,000 dominoes stacked into rainbow-colored blocks must have taken forever to set up—but the fun part is watching them all fall down. More »

  • Man with crystal ball

    The Incredible Crystal Ball

    Do you believe in magic? You might after watching this man's amazing skills with a crystal ball. More »

  • whale

    A Whale Tale

    Amazing footage of a group of people joining together to rescue a beached humpback whale. More »

  • free rice

    Free Rice

    The story behind the fantastic charity web game, Free Rice. More »

  • secret

    PostSecret Confessions

    An incredible compilation of people's deepest secrets from the people behind the PostSecret website. More »

  • milk

    Magic Milk

    The amazing things you can do with milk, food coloring, and other household products. More »

  • horse

    Patches the Horse

    Check out the horse who loves to ride in cars—with the top down, of course. More »

  • animals

    A Slideshow of Adorable Animals

    A compilation of some of the cutest animals from around the world. More »

  • earth

    Our Beautiful Planet

    Stunning footage of planet Earth from the BBC. More »

  • monkey

    Monkey on a Bike

    This monkey really knows how to ride! More »

  • flip

    Incredible Acts

    A clip show of astonishing stunts. More »

  • airplane

    Secret Seats

    The secret to getting the best seats on any flight. More »

  • waldo

    The Waldo Identity

    What if "Where's Waldo?" was an action movie? More »