Gimundo’s Greatest Hits

Good news and unique, inspiring videos have been our mission for more than eight years. Here are some of the most popular pieces from our archives.

After our hiatus, we’re thrilled to be back in action at Gimundo, and excited to see new visitors on our site and subscribers to our mailing list!

Having launched back in 2007, we’ve got a huge collection of good news and videos we’ve shared in the past, and now that we have many new followers, we wanted to spotlight some of the most popular pieces from our archives. Here’s a blast from the past with some of our greatest hits from the past eight years, including some of the videos, articles, and little-known pieces of history that have resonated with our audience.

25 Rules for Mothers of Boys

This article by guest blogger Tabitha Studer provides thought-provoking inspiration on how to raise a compassionate and caring son. (Now that we’ve got a baby boy of our own, we find it even more meaningful.) It’s resonated with many readers since its publication, with nearly 800,000 pageviews in its history. Take a look, and share it with the mothers and sons in your own life. Read the article »

Get Out: A Bizarre French Animation with a Twist

This strange animated film seems like a trippy and sinister story (with subtitles, no less), but hang in there for the unexpectedly sweet surprise ending. (Over 600,000 others have.) Watch the video »

Gorilla Reunites with the Conservationist Who Raised Him

In this beautiful clip from Gorilla School, conservationist Damian Aspinall travels into the jungle to search for Kwibi, a gorilla he’d raised as a baby and released into the wild. Kwibi’s reaction is breathtaking. Watch the video »

Stanislav Petrov: The Man Who Saved the World by Doing Nothing

Check out this little-known story from the annals of history about the clear-headed Russian who singlehandedly avoided nuclear warfare, by doing… well, nothing. Read the article »

Hachiko: The World’s Most Loyal Dog

How long would your dog wait for you? This heartwarming true story of a loyal pet in Japan shows the true meaning of friendship between pets and people. Read the article »