10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Greener

Some advice on simple steps to help your family go green.

Living a greener lifestyle has never been easier or more fun. Forget about the preaching politicians and bandwagon-jumping celebrities who make us feel like we’re all doomed unless we move to a solar-powered commune – it only takes a few simple changes to your everyday life to positively affect your family, your bills, and your community.

1. Turn off the tap when you clean your teeth. Most of us leave the water running simply out of habit, but switching off the water supply until you need it will save valuable resources and cut down on your water bill.

2. Set a new trend around your neighborhood, and buy a few reusable canvas bags to lug your groceries home in. We really don’t need all those plastic and paper bags.

3. Make recycling fun! If you have kids, let them decorate your recycling containers – it will be an exciting project, and should encourage them to use the containers in the future. Don’t forget about unwanted books, clothes and toys. Take these to a charity store where they will benefit the community.

4. Buy seasonal, local produce. In our busy lives, it can seem so much easier to go to the supermarket – but take the time to find a farmers’ market near you for your fruit and produce needs. Being surrounded by the smells, colors and variety of fresh, locally-grown food could seduce you into changing your shopping habits forever.

5. Don’t leave any electrical machines on stand-by – that little red light means the equipment is still eating electricity, even though you’re not using it. Just think of all the pennies you could save by simply pressing the “off” button.

6. Buy CFL energy-saving light bulbs. By replacing your old bulbs with energy-saving ones, you’ll save 75% on your electric bills.

7. Engage your family in an “energy audit,” asking everyone to think about how many ways they can save energy by turning off lights and equipment when they’re not in use. Encourage kids to design some green art, and to create little signs to post all over the house as reminders of ways to keep the house green.

8. Walk! If your journey is less than a mile, why not take a leisurely stroll to your destination, rather than stress on the highway and struggle for a parking space? This is a fantastic way to get fit without even noticing you’re doing any exercise.

9. Swap your current cleaning goods for biodegradable, planet-friendly ones. Such products are widely available, and often produce better results than the ones packed with bleach.

10. Enjoy being green – don’t make it a chore! All of these suggestions are simple to integrate into your lifestyle, and you’ll soon find yourself coming up with some great ideas of your own.