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    The Katrina Krewe: The Woman Who Cleaned Up New Orleans’ Mess

    When Hurricane Katrina blew New Orleans apart, local mother Becky Zaheri formed a group called Katrina Krewe to clean up the mess. More »

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    A Hilton We Don’t Hate

    We've seen enough of Paris to last a lifetime -- but the famous heiress' grandfather, Barron Hilton, is redeeming the family name by pledging his fortune to charity. More »

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    Woman Helps Autistic Children Celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

    For years, Jewish autistic children have been shut out of important religious rituals like bar and bat mitzvahs. But now, a woman named Elaine Hall has formed a group to give them the celebrations they deserve. More »

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    Seven-Year-Old Survivor Cooks to Cure Cancer

    Seven-year-old Jack Witherspoon isn't old enough to use a knife -- but that didn't stop the leukemia patient from cooking up a storm, raising thousands for a children's cancer center. More »

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    Reading, Writing, and Rocking Out: Little Kids Rock

    These days, plenty of school children around the United States are filling up their free periods with jamming guitar solos, pounding drums, and Axl-caliber wailing, thanks to a nonprofit organization by the name of Little Kids Rock. More »

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    Two Dogs Save Toddler from Drowning

    In Queensland, Australia, a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier recently joined forces to save the life of a drowning toddler. More »

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    Kids Helping Kids: Free the Children

    Inspired by the brave acts of a twelve-year-old boy from Pakistan, seventh grader Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc created Free the Children, an organization where children could help end child slavery around the world. More »

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    Free College Money for Maine Babies

    Thanks to a generous philanthropist, all parents in Maine will receive money to start a college fund for their newborn babies. More »

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    AniMeals: Meals on Wheels for Your Furry Friends

    A nonprofit group called AniMeals has collected over 40 tons of pet food in an eight-month period, which is distributed to shelters and rescue groups all over Montana. More »

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    Marathon Man: Athlete Runs for 63 Days to Help Cure Disease

    For most of us, a single marathon would be the challenge of a lifetime. Not Tim Borland: This amazing athlete ran in 63 straight marathons to help cure a rare children's disease. More »

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    The Bronx’s Best Hope: Majora Carter, Environmental Hero

    Majora Carter, a lifelong resident of one of New York City's most polluted areas, the South Bronx, is on a mission to make her neighborhood green. More »

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    TunaHAKI: The Acrobatic Orphanage

    When Scott Fifer traveled to Tanzania for a volunteer vacation, he encountered a unique group of talented acrobats at a local orphanage. Thanks to his hard work, the orphans got the adventure of a lifetime last year, when they came to the United States to train with Cirque du Soleil -- and he's even started a nonprofit organization to help them and other African orphans for years to come. More »

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    Isobel, a Blind Husky, Leads Dogsled

    Most dogs can lead blind people. But how many blind dogs can lead people through a whole dog sled course? Isobel the Husky, for one. More »

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    No Sweat Creates Sweatshop-Free Clothes in Palestine

    Jews, Muslims, and Christians don't always see things eye-to-eye. But now, thanks to entrepreneurial couple Adam Neiman and Natalia Muina and their clothing company, No Sweat, the three religious groups have one small piece of common ground: T-shirts. More »

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    Nine-Year-Old Milly Bell Writes Book to Help Grieving Children

    Losing a parent can be heartbreaking for a young child. But nine-year-old Milly Bell has written a book to make the loss a little easier for grieving children like herself. More »

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