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    Liquid Gold Millionaires: Jill Youse and the International Breast Milk Project

    When Jill Youse, a mother from Minnesota, discovered that she could donate her extra breast milk to African orphans, she made it her mission to get other nursing mothers to chip in, too. Now, her organization, the International Breast Milk Project helps mothers like her save children's lives. More »

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    Is Your Dog Psychic?

    Dogs may not be great at the “What card am I holding?” game – but according to a new study, they can usually tell what people are thinking. Especially when it has to do with their dinner. More »

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    Child Soldier Turned Rap Star: Emmanuel Jal

    Emmanuel Jal fought as a child soldier in Sudan at the age of nine and survived a 3-month trek across the African desert. Today, he's one of Africa's biggest rap stars -- and he's working hard to make sure that other children in Africa don't share his painful experiences. More »

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    Could Panties Be the Key to Peace?

    Women all over the planet have found a unique tool to protest the brutal military regime in Myanmar. Their secret weapon? Underwear. More »

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    Operation Silly String Can Save Soldiers’ Lives

    Even though you probably haven't played with Silly String since the third grade, it's not just for kids. This spray foam can alert soldiers to dangerous trip wires -- and thanks to one dedicated mother, a huge shipment of Silly String could save thousands of lives in Iraq. More »

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    Seizure-Predicting Dog Saves Owner’s Life

    Shanna Wilkinson saved a puppy's life seven years ago. Now, that dog keeps her owner safe every day by predicting her epileptic seizures. More »

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    Behind the Veil: Iran’s Shirin Ebadi

    Iran's first female judge lost her title after the Iranian Revolution -- but now, this Nobel Prize-winner is fighting for women's equality in her country. And she hopes one million others will join her. More »

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    The Mini-Pig: Man’s New Best Friend

    After a nine-year breeding program, a farm in Devon, England has come up with the perfect porcine pet for the family home. More »

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    The Man Who Gave Away $4 Billion, and Other Amazing Philanthropists

    If you had 4 billion dollars, would you give it all to charity? Learn about the man who did -- and the other ultra-generous philanthropists who are following in his footsteps. More »

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    Explorer Takes Human-Powered Trip Around the World

    British explorer Jason Lewis has just returned from a 13-year journey around the world, using no cars, trains, or planes -- just the power of his body. More »

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    The Martyr of Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi

    She may weigh only 100 pounds and wear flowers in her hair, but the remarkable Aung San Suu Kyi could be Myanmar's greatest hope for peace. More »

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    American Zoo Director Saves Belize’s Wildlife

    When Sharon Matola arrived in Belize, she discovered that most of the nation's schoolchildren couldn't recognize Belize's national animal, the tapir. So she set out to change that -- by creating the country's very first zoo. More »

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    Half-Sized Heroes

    Not sure how you feel about kids today? We've rounded up a few inspiring under-18s who are sure to change your mind. Learn how they're using printer cartridges, fairy dolls, and cell phones to save the world. More »

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    African Refugee Helps Other Refugees Find Hope

    Rose Mapendo faced enough horrors to last a lifetime during wartime in Africa. Now, she's working to help her fellow refugees discover a better life. More »

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    Good Samaritan Buys Back and Fixes House For Homeless Family

    When Brent Burger found out that a family of 10 would soon be homeless, he knew he had to help -- so he bought their house back for them to live in. Just what anyone would do, right? More »

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