50 Amazing Websites and Online Resources for Inspiration, Positivity, and More Good News

Here are 25 of our favorite sites and online resources for inspiring, thought-provoking, and uplifting content.

Update: We’ve updated this list to include 50 sites for inspiration. Read the rest here.

We all know good news is tough to find. That’s why we serve it up all week , rain or shine, here on Gimundo. But if you’re looking for more online resources to make you smile, we’ll help you find them. Here are 25 of our favorite sites for inspiring, thought-provoking, and uplifting content. Some of these sites contain stories of people battling with and overcoming adversity, others focus on the more lighthearted aspects of life, and some are simply fun to read. We love all of them. Hope you do, too.

Ben Franklin’s daily schedule [http://www.flickr.com/photos/nickbilton/3779169741/]

Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals, the lightning rod, and the first odometer, and helped draft the Constitution, among his many feats. He’s probably one of the most productive people of all time—so there’s a lot we can all learn from his daily schedule. Each morning, follow Ben’s example and ask yourself: “What good shall I do this day?”

CNN Heroes [http://cnnheroes.com]

This section of CNN’s websites honors everyday heroes who strive to make the world a better place. If you know a hero, nominate him or her here. Don’t miss: Former addict gives homeless veterans a second chance.

Flickr – Most Interesting Photos [http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/]

Out of the millions of photos uploaded to Flickr’s galleries from all over the world, this is the page where the ones deemed the most interesting are spotlighted. Just hit refresh for a new page of photos, as often as you like.

Gives Me Hope [http://www.givesmehope.com/]

Givesmehope.com is a site for people to submit short, anonymous entries about inspiring moments in their own lives. Read the heartwarming entries, and submit your own. Don’t miss: the top GMH entries.

Guideposts [http://guideposts.org]

This website features inspiring and positive content about celebrities and everyday heroes. Don’t miss: A Family Affair, a memoir about adopting a foster son after losing a sick child.

The Happiness Project [http://happiness-project.com]

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you’re sure to be familiar with The Happiness Project, a blog we syndicate every week (and now a bestselling book!). In the blog, writer Gretchen Rubin analyzes many different methods of increasing happiness, and shares tips on what works. Don’t miss: Six tips for good deeds that take less than five minutes.

Help Others [http://www.helpothers.org]

This wonderful site features hundreds of reader-submitted stories of acts of kindness they’ve witnessed. It also offers free Smile Cards, which you can use in a game of pay-it-forward good deeds. Don’t miss: Touched By a Daughter’s Kindness.

iJourney [http://ijourney.org]

iJourney, short for “inner journey” offers a weekly reading from a famous thinker, writer, or philosopher, with the chance to offer your own reflections in response. Don’t miss: Receiving Each Day as an Invitation, by John O’Donohue.

Letters of Note [http://www.lettersofnote.com/]

Here, you’ll find tons of scanned copies of vintage letters written by famous people throughout history, which often reveal much more about them than the tabloids and history books do. Don’t miss: this sweet and polite reply to a young fan from a not-yet-famous David Bowie.

Matt Logelin’s blog [http://www.mattlogelin.com/]

Two years ago, Matt Logelin’s wife Liz died just hours after their daughter, Maddy, was born. In his blog, he transforms his grief into beauty with heartfelt stories about his new life as a widower dad, and lovely photographs of his growing daughter. The site contains some strong language, so if that bugs you, don’t visit—but otherwise, you’re in for a moving, bittersweet journey through one man’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of one great love, while gaining a new one. Don’t miss: 5 weeks ago (Tuesday).

Mental Floss [http://mentalfloss.com]

Like its associated magazine, Mental Floss’ blog offers up weird, random, and unusual facts about everything under the sun. If you’re looking for something quirky to discuss at a dinner party, hang out here for a while and you’ll find some great conversation points. Don’t miss: The Surprisingly Cool History of Ice.

My Parents Were Awesome [http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com/]

Everyone’s parents were cool… once upon a time. This site has a huge collection of vintage photos of submitters’ parents, decked out in bell bottoms or poodle skirts. Make sure to submit a pic of your own parents from back in the day!

NieNie Dialogues [http://www.nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/]

Written by mother of four Stephanie Nielson, this blog uses words and photography to document her joy-filled life—both before and after the plane crash that nearly killed her and her husband. Don’t miss:  ME: in a series of photos and thoughts.

Not Martha [http://notmartha.org]

For those with a flair for crafts and cooking, this site is a haven full of fun and unique ideas, featuring original crafts, recipes, and links to other cool stuff around the web. Don’t miss: a tiny gingerbread house that perches on the edge of your mug

Notes From the Road [http://www.notesfromtheroad.com/]

This stunning site features a professional photographer’s collection of musings and images from his travels all around the world. Don’t miss: The Wise Glass Frog of El Valle de Anton.

Ode [http://www.odemagazine.com/]

This website and magazine focuses on the “intelligent optimist,” with articles spotlighting incredible activists and events from all around the world. Don’t miss: 25 Intelligent Optimists, a round-up of 25 innovative changemakers.

Operation NICE [http://www.operationnice.com/]

The great blog Operation NICE covers stories of random acts of kindness, reviews of nice stuff, and provides readers with nice assignments, such as “mail a card to a stranger.” Don’t Miss: NICE Testimonial: A Lasting Impression.

Poets.org [http://poets.org]

If you’re looking for literary inspiration, you won’t do better than poets.org, a site from the Academy of American Poets, which features great works from hundreds of renowned and little known poets. Many poems are grouped into themed collections, helping you find the ideal verse for any event. Don’t miss: “somewhere i have never traveled,gladly beyond” by ee cummings.

PostSecret [http://postsecret.com]

Got a secret you’re afraid to share? Illustrate a postcard and send it anonymously to PostSecret. Each week, the site’s owner compiles the best cards he’s received: some are shocking, some are sad, some are heart-warming. All of them are worth a look. (Some entries are risqué, so if you’re easily offended, view at your own discretion.)

TakePart [http://takepart.com]

Created by Participant Media (the team behind an Inconvenient Truth and many other activism-focused movies), TakePart offers a daily blog focused on important issues in the world today, an online community where you can help change the world, and a series of take-action campaigns. Don’t miss: Food Wide Web: Sustainable Eating on the Internet.

TED [http://ted.com]

The annual TED conference is an opportunity for thought leaders in every field to share their remarkable ideas and experiences with others. Though most of us can’t afford the admission fee, TED videotapes every lecture and categorizes them by theme and emotion, offering them all for free on their website. It’s a fantastic outlet for learning from some of the most brilliant minds of our time. Don’t miss: Kartick Satyanarayan on rescuing the “dancing bears” of India.

Twitter [http://twitter.com]

True, some people use Twitter to write about what they had for lunch—but the service can also be used as a great way to discover fascinating people and incredible links. For always inspiring tweets, follow actress and activist @Alyssa_Milano. You can also follow us at @Gimundo to get a steady stream of good news daily.

WebUrbanist [http://weburbanist.com]

There are plenty of beautiful, unique, and bizarre items and places around the world that you’ve probably never caught a glimpse of. Web Urbanist points them all out for you with amazing photo galleries. Don’t miss: 24 Tales of Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities.

Worldchanging [http://worldchanging.org]

This site offers thought-provoking articles and essays on innovative technology and tools to help build a brighter, greener future. Don’t miss: Deep Walkability

Zen Habits [http://zenhabits.net]

In Zen Habits, the blog for simple productivity, Leo Babauta and a team of guest bloggers offer up a series of great tips on how to reduce the clutter in your life and focus on what really matters. Don’t miss: Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life.