94-Year-Old Mary Coffey Gets Last Wish: One More Tennessee Waltz

Mary Coffey, a woman from Dallas, Texas with congestive heart failure had one last wish: to dance the Tennessee Waltz. A group of caring people made it happen.

Mary Coffey has thousands of happy memories of the dance floor, doing the Tennessee Waltz with the love of her life, her late husband, John Clayton. Clayton proposed to her on the dance floor, and for the entire 58 years of their marriage, the Dallas, Texas couple would go out dancing every single week. Coffey believes their waltzes were what kept the romance alive in their relationship for such a long time.

“Brings the love closer, a little more kissing, a little more hugging and a little more something else,” she told KTVT in Dallas.

Clayton passed away 15 years ago, and Coffey hasn’t set foot on a dance floor since. But now, she knows her days are numbered. She has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and is predicted to have just six months left to live. Volunteers at Mesquite’s Christian Care Center, where she now resides, wanted to make sure that Coffey was able to do everything she’d hoped to do in her life, and asked her if there was anything on her bucket list.

Coffey’s answer was simple: one last Tennessee Waltz.

So the staff and volunteers at the center decided to bring her fantasy to life, hosting a festive party for the elderly woman. They got her a pink dress, a tiara, and a limo, and drove her to the Dallas Arboretum to dance to the live musicians performing at the Concert in the Park Series on Tuesday night.

During the band’s first song, Coffey danced with several of her friends from the center, showing that she still remembered all the moves. Coffey soon became tired, and needed to rest after the end of the song. Nonetheless, she was thrilled with the opportunity to step onto the dance floor one last time.

Although she knows she will not have the chance to dance again in her lifetime, she believes that she still has an eternity of dances waiting for her with her favorite partner.

“I look forward to seeing (my husband) again…dancing with him again,” she said.

Check out the heartwarming video here.