Dizzy, the Eco-Dog

Your dog may know a few tricks, but can he recycle? Meet Dizzy, a dog that's eager to make the earth a little greener.

There’s a lot to love about dogs. Whenever you come home, they greet you with a million sloppy kisses. They’re easy to please, too: They can be just as content to chill on the couch and watch The Office as they are to tag along on a five-mile run. As far as companions go, you’d pick your fun-loving pooch over your high-maintenance ex any day.

But if there’s one thing you could change about your dog? Well… to be honest, he’s not all that eco-friendly. You try to recycle all your cans, bottles, and paper, but he just sticks his nose into the bin and mistakes them for chew toys, scattering them all over your floor and ruining your hard work.

Not Dizzy, a two-year-old mixed breed from Cornwall, England. This precocious pup is so environmentally aware that she carries all her family’s recyclables out to their shed without being asked. And she loves to pick up after strangers, too: The dog is known to scour the nearby Cornwall

Beach for deserted cans and bottles, which she diligently lugs home to the recycle bin.

Dizzy is so passionate about recycling, her owner, Emma Trebilcock, told BBC News , that “when we have barbecues we have got to ask our friends to have their drinks from glasses because she is there waiting for the cans.”

Sit, stay, roll over, save the planet – for Dizzy the dog, it’s all in a day’s work.