Explorer Takes Human-Powered Trip Around the World

British explorer Jason Lewis has just returned from a 13-year journey around the world, using no cars, trains, or planes -- just the power of his body.

When Jason Lewis returned to his London home last Saturday, he was, for lack of a better word, exhausted. And not just the sort of exhaustion you feel after those all-night cramming (or drinking) sessions you might have done back in your school days – in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Lewis hasn’t woken up yet.

You see, he’s got a good excuse to be tired: The 40-year-old British adventurer has just concluded a 13-year, round-the-world adventure – using only the power of his body.

So what does that mean? No cars. No trains. No planes. During the 16-leg journey, Lewis biked all the way from Turkey to Belgium and pedaled a paddleboat down the length of the Thames River, among many other feats. It wasn’t what you’d call an easy trip: He was thrown in jail in Egypt and chased by a crocodile in Australia. After rollerblading across the United States, he broke both legs and came close to having them amputated. But somehow, he always managed to press on.

When Lewis reached the finish line of his journey last week, he was greeted by a crowd of well-wishers that included a royal family member, the Duke of Gloucester. It was an emotional moment for Lewis: “I came over the line and I was choked. I blubbed like a baby,” he told the Associated Press. “Everything I’ve been doing for the last 13 years has been in some way connected to this trip and tomorrow that will be no more.”

Though he may have finally concluded his superhuman mission, Lewis won’t rest for long. For his next adventure, he plans to create “mini-expeditions” for young people, and to travel the world giving speeches about the environment and climate control. No word yet on whether he plans to hang-glide or hike to all of his speech-giving gigs, but it sounds like Lewis’ globetrotting days aren’t over by a long shot.

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