Five Beautiful Human and Animal Reunion Video Clips

Watch these heartwarming video clips about animals reconnecting with their human friends -- including the infamous Christian the Lion.

There are few things more touching than watching an animal of another species recognize his human best friend after a long time apart. Get out your hankies and enjoy these beautiful video clips.

Christian the Lion

Back in the 1970s, two men helped raise an orphaned lion, then set him free in a wildlife sanctuary. A year later, they visited him, not sure if he would remember them. Watch this clip and see his touching reaction for yourself.

Damian Aspinall and Kwibi

Conservationist Damian Aspinall raised a young gorilla named Kwibi, and released him into the wild five years ago. Despite all the time gone by, there’s no doubt that Kwibi remembers his best friend. Watch their joyful reunion.

Dog Reunites with Military Man

After serving a tour in Afghanistan, a military officer returns home—and no one is more excited than his dog, Gracie.


A Katrina Reunion

After having to leave their dogs behind during Hurricane Katrina, a Gulf Coast family is finally reunited with two of their canine companions.


Dog Missing for Months Reunited with Family

A dog named Raina went missing from her Missouri home. Her family couldn’t find her—but months later, she was finally located on the other side of the state.