High School Graduate Brenna Martin Gets Best Gift Ever from Dad

Brenna Martin's father gave her a Dr. Seuss book with comments from every teacher she'd ever had.

This year’s crop of high school graduates have gotten some great gifts: envelopes of cash; jewelry; in some cases, even cars. But, despite the low price tag, few gifts can compare to the thoughtful present that recent grad Brenna Martin received from her dad.

The gift? A copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Sure, it’s a children’s classic, but what’s so special about it? Ever since kindergarten, Brenna’s father, Bryan Martin, had asked each of his daughter’s teachers to write a recollection about her on one of the pages. For all 13 years of her education, her teachers had written down their favorite memories of Brenna. The resulting gift was a thoughtful, moving tribute that brought Brenna to tears.

“He managed to keep this book a secret for 13 years, and apparently everyone else in my life knew about it!,” Brenna wrote on Reddit.

“Sitting there reading through this book there are encouraging and sweet words from every teacher I love and remember through my years in this small town. My early teachers mention my ‘Pigtails and giggles,’ while my high school teachers mention my ‘Wit and sharp thinking.’ But they all mention my humor and love for life. It is astounding to receive something this moving, touching, nostalgic, and thoughtful.”

We’re thinking about using Brenna’s dad’s example as inspiration for a gift for our own preschool-aged daughter—check out the full Reddit thread about the present here.
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