Lotto Winner Janitor-Coach Keeps Job and Donates Track to School

Tyrone Curry won the lottery five years ago, but he's kept working as a high school janitor and coach.

Tyrone Curry of White Center, Washington, loves his two jobs at Evergreen High School: keeping the school clean as a custodian, and coaching the track and field team. So five years ago, when he won almost $3.4 million in the Washington state lottery, he decided not to change a thing. He still goes to work every day, using his broom to make the floors immaculate, and then heading outside to lead the track team in their running exercises.

The only difference? His athletes will soon be running on a state-of-the-art new track.

Long before Curry won the lottery, he’d already earmarked a portion of his winnings. “Ten years ago, I said if I win some money, I’m going to put a track here,”