Pregnant Woman Amber Miller Runs Chicago Marathon, Then Gives Birth

Amber Miller ran the Chicago marathon 39 weeks pregnant, then gave birth after finishing the race.

No matter what you did on Sunday, your day probably didn’t compare to Amber Miller’s.

That morning, Miller joined 45,000 other runners to compete in the Chicago Marathon—while 39 weeks pregnant.

She’d signed up for the race before finding out that she was pregnant, and didn’t think that she’d make it through the entire marathon. “I was planning on running half, skipping to the end, then walking across the finish line,” Miller told WTAE News.

But Miller surprised herself: She ran for half of the 26-mile race, and walked with her husband for the final portion. While nearing the finish line, she began feeling labor contractions. One marathon finished, another was about to begin.

Still, Miller took the situation in stride: She grabbed a sandwich, headed to the hospital, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl just a few hours later. We’re tired just writing about it.