Wesley Autrey Rescues Man From New York Subway Accident

A New Yorker named Wesley Autrey risks his life to save a man from the subway tracks.

New York City construction worker and subway rider Wesley Autrey, 50, was in the middle of a lunchtime outing with his two young daughters when a young man in the subway station had a seizure. Autrey helped the man, Christopher Hollopeter, 20, to his feet, but the man stumbled again – right into the path of an oncoming train.

So what did Autrey do?

He leapt onto the tracks to save the guy. The train’s brakes screeched, sending sparks flying, but the train could not stop. So he pushed the man between the tracks and hoped for the best, which is exactly what he got. The train cleared the top of his head by several inches, leaving a large grease smudge on his hat.

As the train ground to a halt, Autry yelled to onlookers: “Let them [his daughters] know their father is OK.” And we’d like to tell his two little girls that their dad is more than OK– he’s a hero by anybody’s standards.