Rowan, Blind German Spitz Dog, Uses Echolocation to “See” Surroundings

A blind German Spitz named Rowan was born without eyes, but barks to "see" his surroundings.

Rowan, a German Spitz dog, can run, play, and come when called, just like the rest of his canine family – but when admirers get a close-up glimpse of him, they’ve always got one question for his owner, Sam Orchard: “Why does he have his eyes closed?”

Actually, he doesn’t: Rowan was born without any eyes, due to a genetic defect. ”People told me that I should think about putting him to sleep but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it,” Orchard told SWNS.

Rowan, now 18 months old, has learned to adapt perfectly to life with no sight – and, instead of a walking cane, he uses his bark to help him get around. Much like bats, Rowan uses the technique of echolocation, listening for the echo of his voice to help him ground himself in his surroundings.

“He barks to judge the lay of the land and then when I call his name he knows exactly where I am and comes running,” Orchard said.

”He’s just amazing. He’s so independent and he has a really good life. He’s just like one of the other dogs.”

Check out Rowan in action for yourself.