Secret Agent L’s Mission: Random Acts of Kindness

Laura Miller, an administrative assistant from Pittsburgh, has created a blog to share her random acts of kindness with readers -- and more than 80 have joined in, spreading compassion across the globe.

Secret Agent L is always on a mission. But unlike the stealthy spies of James Bond films, L isn’t hijacking Russian planes or translating secret code. Instead, she’s slipping flowers under car windshield wipers, and giving away rolls of quarters at her local laundromat.

Secret Agent L, otherwise known as Laura Miller, a 32-year-old administrative assistant from Pittsburgh, is a secret agent of kindness. For the past year, she’s taken on weekly acts of compassion towards strangers, documented them on her blog,, and encouraged her readers to join in the game. Her enthusiasm seems to be contagious: so far, more than 80 of Miller’s fans have become “affiliated agents,” tackling random acts of kindness all over the world.

Sometimes, Miller’s recipients find her through her blog, and send her thank-you messages for brightening their days. But she never meets them face-to-face, leaving the scene before they’re aware of her.

“I think that’s part of the fun—it’s just sort of putting the gift there and leaving, and just knowing that somebody’s going to get it and it doesn’t matter who,” she told CNN.

Miller stayed anonymous until last month, when she revealed her double identity as part of a fundraiser for National Alliance on Mental Illness. By encouraging her readers to donate to the group, she helped to raise over $1,500. Who says good deeds go unrewarded?

To check out Miller’s projects and become a secret agent yourself, visit her website,