Study:  Passionate Employees Create Profits for Companies

Pay and benefits are nice, but researchers found that the most productive workers were those with an emotional bond to their companies.

Employees of companies like Apple Computer and Starbucks are known for their almost cult-like devotion to their employers. Turns out that’s a good thing, at least from a business standpoint.

A recent study by PeopleMetrics found that employees who were passionate about their companies consistently performed at a higher level than employees who were less passionate, regardless of industry, gender or tenure.

Building an emotional bond with employees requires organizations to create “a sense of meaning and purpose,” said Kate Feather, PeopleMetrics executive vice president. Companies that communicate constantly with managers and employees, celebrate successes, recognize individual achievement and take time to have fun are the most successful at engaging employees, said Feather.

“There’s no doubt,” Feather said. “Passion and profits do mix.”