The Nation’s Most Ethical Companies:  Is Yours on the List?

Ethisphere Magazine studied companies worldwide and found 55 in the U.S. that stand out as leaders to emulate.

Everyone wants to work for a company they can be proud of – one that competes fairly, gives to the community and treats employees with respect.

Each year, Ethisphere Magazine publishes a list of the world’s most ethical companies. Its editors looked at more than 5,000 companies in 30 countries to see which ones best fit its definition of ethical leadership. Companies scored points for community involvement, corporate citizenship, safe business practices, innovation, quality, environmental sensitivity, commitment to positive change, and strong leadership committed to ethical business practices.

They came out with a comprehensive list of companies across a variety of industries. You can click on the link below to check out all of them. Some of the names on there will surprise you. If you’d like a few hints about how to take that ethically perfect weekend getaway you’ve always dreamed about, here you go.

Go on Google and make a reservation at a Marriott, pack your Nike or New Balance shoes, grab a sweatshirt from the Gap and a Starbucks latte to drink and then hit McDonald’s for a burger. If you’d rather bring your own munchies, stop by Costco or Whole Foods, where you can grab anything made by Dole, which can then be washed down with a Pepsi. And if you’re trying to figure out the cost of your trip, run by Target and buy a Texas Instruments calculator (and some General Electric light bulbs – you can always use those). Once you’ve got it all figured out, pay for everything using your American Express card. And leave a note for the UPS guy so he leaves your jacket you ordered from Timberland.

Now, if you STILL need to see the entire report: