The Veronica Mars Movie and Other Innovative Crowdfunding Success Stories

Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and other crowdfunding platforms have helped bring these creative ideas to life.

We’re big fans of Veronica Mars, the short-lived detective noire TV series about a smart, sarcastic high-school age detective—so we were thrilled to see that the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, is working to develop a Veronica Mars movie, and came to the fans for help funding it. Thomas put out a big request for funding: $2 million, in the space of 30 days. The campaign’s been a phenomenal success: With 28 days left to go, it’s already beaten its goal and is currently over $3.3 million in funding. (You can still make a pledge if you want to score one of the great goodies available.)

The crowdfunding model has the potential to truly democratize the creative process, by allowing anyone with a great idea to get the money they need to bring their dream to life. Here’s a look at some other innovative ideas that became reality, thanks to crowdfunding.

The LunaTik TikTok: The iPod Nano Watch

Designer Scott Wilson had spent decades designing products for large companies like Dell and Microsoft. But when he came up with a concept for a watch that turned the iPod Nano into a wearable computer, none of his clients were interested. So he decided to go it alone in 2010, starting a Kickstarter project to raise funds to manufacture the product and take orders in advance.

The response was incredible: Although his initial goal was just $15,000, he raised nearly $1 million. If you want a LunaTik watch of your own, they’re now available from Wilson’s website.

The Do Good Bus Shows People the Joys of Volunteering


Do Good Bus Tour with Foster The People from Do Good Bus on Vimeo.

Start Some Good is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to social good. A Los Angeles-based nonprofit, the Do Good Bus, used the platform to raise money for a national volunteering tour, in which they would pick up local do-gooders from 22 cities and shuttle them to local organizations that need their help, in 2011. The organization met its $100,000 “tipping point” to raise the funds, and embarked on a national tour of helpfulness.

Cynaps Plays Music Right into Your Ears


Imagine if you could play music directly into your ears, with no headset requires. That’s what the Cynaps does: Simply put on a hat that’s been wired with its Bluetooth bone-conduction set, and you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes or take calls with no need for a headset. This innovative device raised over $45,000, more than double its goal, on IndieGoGo in February. The Cynaps technology is now available to purchase directly from the company’s website.

The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet Tracks Every Exercise


The Amiigo Bracelet is a new fitness-tracking device that can track every single repetition in your workout and tell you whether you’re doing squats, presses, or crunches—and it’s waterproof, so you can use it for tracking swimming laps too. The company behind the fitness tracker set a goal of $90,000 to produce the first shipment, but the response has been absolutely overwhelming: The campaign is now up to nearly $560,000, with 15 hours left to go on its IndieGoGo campaign. For your last shot at getting in on the first batch, you can make a pledge here.