Tree Life Box Creates New Trees from Packaging Waste

An innovative new packaging, Life Box, includes seedlings, so you can plant trees when you dispose of the box.

You probably already recycle all of your cardboard and paper boxes. But now, thanks to mycologist Paul Stamets, your packaging waste may have a far greener future.

Stamets has invented the simple, yet revolutionary Tree Life Box: a recycled paper fiber box box that’s lined with seed mix. Once opening the package, simply tear up the box, plant it in a patch of soil, and water it regularly. Before long, new trees will begin to grow.

If you keep track of carbon credits, the Tree Life Box could be a bonanza for you: Stamets estimates that one out of every hundred tree seedlings will survive for 30 years. A 30-year-old tree can provide one ton of carbon.

The creators soon hope to develop additional Life Boxes to help create vibrant greenery. Some of their future boxes may be filled with flower or grass seeds, and the boxes can be customized to fit any form, from DVD mailers to pizza boxes.

Although shipping giants like UPS haven’t changed over to Tree Life Boxes just yet, the company’s already got one influential early adopter: Al Gore is shipping his newest book, Our Choice, in the plantable packaging, and other green gurus are sure to follow.

Want to learn more about the new packaging? Check out the Life Box website.