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    An Enthralling Book About Race, Science, and the Cells that Changed History

    Rebecca Skloot's new book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, is a fascinating true story of the immortal HeLa cells and the woman they belonged to. More »

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    Axe Cop: A Superhero Comic Written By a Five-Year-Old

    Artist Ethan Nicolle collaborates with his five-year-old brother Malachai to create the bizarre and hilarious web comic series, Axe Cop. More »

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    Radio Paradise: Ad-Free Radio Programmed by Real People

    Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to a station that’s programmed by real humans who are passionate about what they do, and eager to share an eclectic blend of music with listeners around the world? We've found it on More »

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    Gimundo Gift Guide: What to Buy for Baby

    As the next installment in our Gift Guide series, here are some suggestions for babies, based on our own little one's favorite things. More »

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    cooking, food, products

    A Gourmet Gift Guide for Foodie Friends

    Through the holiday season, we'll be running a series of Gift Guides to help you choose presents for the people you care about. Here are some suggestions for friends and family members who love cooking and fine dining. More »

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    Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Infant Products

    In honor of our impending addition, we wanted to spotlight some of the best baby products we've picked up in preparation. If you've got a little one, or have a relative or friend who does, here are some fantastic eco-conscious gifts and goodies that could be perfect for baby. More »

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    babies, blogs, books, kids, parenting, products

    Our Favorite Books and Blogs for New Parents

    With a baby due in just over a month, we've been doing lots of reading to see what we're in for. Here are some of our favorite books and blogs for new parents—if you've got a baby on the way, or just a baby shower or two to attend this summer, you might find something worth checking out! More »

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    ‘The Blue Zones’ Shows You How to Live to 100

    Forget the fountain of youth: a new book tracks the habits of the longest-living communities on earth, sharing their secrets for surviving well past 100. More »

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    Stuff We Like: Biographicon

    If you don't quite make the cut for Wikipedia, don't worry: A new site called Biographicon is happy to host your life story. More »

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    Stuff We Like: A Few of Our Favorite Poetry Books

    At last, after months of frost and cold, you can finally sit outside on your patio with a cup of tea and a good book. And, especially for those of us with short attention spans, what could be better than a great book of poems? More »

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    educational, fun, websites

    Stuff We Like: AllTop

    A new site called AllTop is a one-stop shop for all the latest news and commentary around the web, helpfully sorted into a wide range of categories. More »

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    Our Favorite Treats and Sweets for Valentine’s Day

    Whether you're spending the day with a partner, a group of single pals, or chilling out with your cat, we've rounded up a few great products that might warm your heart this Valentine's Day. More »

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    love, music, valentine

    Gimundo Valentine’s Day Music Mix

    Check out our original Valentine's Day mix of our favorite love songs, featuring great artists like Elliott Smith, Tom Waits, and Nina Simone. More »

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    Starry-Night Bed Offers High-Tech Luxury Sleep

    Thanks to the new Wi-Fi-equipped Starry Night Bed, you can stay connected even in your dreams. More »

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    Around the Web: Getting Crafty

    For those of us lacking the Martha gene, there are a wide variety of websites around to help us out. Here are a few of our favorite places to find inspiration and instruction in the DIY world. More »

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