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    Betting on the Headlines:

    A new site called HubDub makes the news a little more interesting, by letting you bet on how current events will turn out. (The money's fake, but it's still fun.) More »

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    Stuff We Like: StumbleUpon

    If you haven't already discovered it, allow us to introduce you to the most addictive thing on the Internet: StumbleUpon. More »

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    Around the Web: Body-Positive Sites and Blogs

    Here are a few wonderful websites and organizations to turn to for advice if you'd like more information and support on self-esteem and body acceptance issues. Take a look through these great sites -- they'll help you realize that if you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror, it's not your body you need to change -- it's your mind. More »

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    Gimundo Gift Guide: A Few of Our Favorite Picks

    Do you have all your holiday shopping done? If not, here are a few of our favorite picks for everyone on your list. More »

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    Pandas Galore

    Check out this beautiful slide show of the pandas at the Wolong Panda Reserve in China, and a fascinating photo series of a baby panda's development. More »

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    Around the Web: Our Favorite Food Sites

    From time to time, we'll share some of our favorite discoveries around the Internet in a new feature called "Around the Web." Here are a few of our favorite food-related sites. More »

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    Family-Friendly TV Shows for the Holidays

    For most people, Thanksgiving means football. But if you don't care about the game, what can you do instead? Try out one of these family-friendly TV box sets. More »

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    CaringBridge: Helping Patients Find Hope

    Spending time in a hospital can be a miserable and isolating experience. But thanks to the free web service, CaringBridge, patients can raise their spirits and stay in contact with the people that care about them. More »

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    Brain Freeze Solved: The Answers to Kids’ Most Perplexing Questions

    When Wendell Jamieson's son started asking him all kinds of bizarre questions, he found experts from astronomers to etiquette guides to provide the answers in extreme detail. Here are a few of our favorite facts. More »

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    Mind Games That Make You Feel Good

    These days, you don't need to be a ten-year-old boy to play videogames. Research has proven that a variety of games can boost intelligence, reduce stress, and improve overall happiness. Here are a few mind games you're sure to enjoy. More »

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    Comics Aren’t Just for Kids: Five Great Graphic Novels

    Even if you're all grown up, there's no shame in reading books with pictures anymore. In today's bookstores, you'll find a rich array of unique graphic novels that deal with far more sophisticated themes than space mutants and superheroes. These are a few of our favorites. More »

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    Interview with Kiva Microfinance Founder, Jessica Flannery

    Kiva's microfinance program uses crowdsourced lending to provide entrepreneurs in developing countries with capital to become successful. More »

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    Amazing Animal Photos

    If you can't make it out to your local zoo today, we'll bring it to you. Here are a few astonishing collections of animal photos sure to liven up your day. More »

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    In Once and The Swell Season, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Make Beautiful Music Together

    The new film "Once" is a fascinating reflection on a unique relationship that just happens to be filled with some of the most stunningly beautiful songs you'll ever hear. Already seen it? Then check out the talented duo's album, "The Swell Season." More »

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    Beyond MySpace: Social Networking for Good

    MySpace and Facebook may meet most of your online needs -- but did you know there's a whole world of social networking sites out there dedicated to self-growth and social change? Here are some unique sites for people who want to make a difference. More »

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