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A Great Book We Think You’ll Love

In celebration of "Good News Day," and in keeping with our celebration of all things green, we recommend "The Green Book." Inside you'll find easy, everyday tips from a dozen celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Timberlake and Owen Wilson.

Even if you don’t drive a hybrid or grow your own food, you can still take small steps to help the planet. That’s the point of “The Green Book,” each of whose 12 chapters was written by a different celebrity (Tyra Banks on shopping, Will Ferrell on travel, and Tiki Barber on sports.)
The book is filled with tips that even the most un-green of us can follow. For instance: Don’t get an ATM receipt.Don’t run the tap water while you’re brushing your teeth.Get voicemail instead of an answering machine.See what we mean?
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