America 24/7: Celebrating the Country in Photos

America 24/7 is a stunning book filled with captivating images of the country we call home.

One thousand feet above the rooftops of Manhattan, one man braves the elements to change a single light bulb atop the Chrysler Building. An Atlanta student skateboards to school, coasting along behind his speedy dog, Chip. And in the tiny town of Fairless Hill, Pa., a teenage couple decked out in formal wear arrive at their high school prom — atop a motorized stegosaurus.

This is just an ordinary week in the life of America.

In an epic experiment, more than 25,000 photographers around the country took snapshots of their friends, families, and communities for one week in 2003. Out of the million-plus photos submitted, just over 1,000 of the best images were chosen to represent the beauty, diversity, and strangeness of the USA.

The final result is America 24/7America 24/7, a stunning photography book filled with captivating images of moments both private and public, cascading through the landscape of our country from big cities to small towns, mountains to deserts, and hundreds of other places you’ve never dreamed of. Though the images alone will have you thinking for days, the book also includes essays from renowned writers like Barbara Kingsolver and Robert Olen Butler. If you think you know America, this book will blow the borders of your mind wide open.

Despite the book’s epic proportions, America 24/7 doesn’t have everything — your family, for example. Not a problem: for just a few dollars extra, you can order your own custom cover featuring your favorite faces. And if you want to see more of these amazing photos, there’s plenty to choose from — there’s a 24/7 book for each of the 50 states, a 24/7 Dogs, and a 24/7 Cats.

Needless to say, these books all make great gifts —but be warned: As soon as you lift the cover, you won’t want to share your discovery. Better buy an extra copy, just to be safe.

America 24/7 is normally $50, but Amazon’s got it for $31.50. Click here to order.